REN-PAR Warranty

Warranty Terms 

All REN-PAR products are under one year warranty  on material and Workmanship failures and against to the accepted claims conditions according to the laws of Turkish Republic starting from the shipment date or the Buyers’ proved declarations if  the part sales date and the claim date are within the twelve months period rule.


The spare parts warranty is limited to defects in material or workmanship of the part(s). It does not cover the wrong part installation method of the workshop technicians and/or the faults occurred by their inexperienced workmanship and  inconvenience property damages occurred by the lack of the convenient workshop facilities and/or usage of the incorrect hand tools and/or wrong hand tools usage by the inexperienced  and uneducated people.


REN-PAR products add value to your business by maximizing your up-time. Their high quality is specially engineered for ultimate performance, fuel economy and safety. And they're always available- whenever and wherever you need them. A full warranty follows you wherever you go. Our expert team can identify, organize and provide all technical supports and the parts you need. In other words, we won't keep you waiting when you'd rather be moving.